Leanne Ford


Leanne Ford’s FEEL FREE magazine shows how creative people live and work, how artists play, and how the reader can do the same. In the second issue, we include a Q&A between Leanne and the iconic DIANE KEATON, how-to’s like using natural light in photography and transforming trash into art—straight from the artists’ mouths, fresh ideas (coffee paint on paper lanterns), “recipes” for fail-proof decorating (checkerboard floors forever), a quiz and playlist, and more free art that readers can tear out to hang on their walls.

FEEL FREE magazine curates a space where readers can experience a collaboration of creation. Joyful, elevated, and funky, fun, and undone, FEEL FREE magazine breaks down interior design and artistic processes, and gives them back to the people. This second issue also features the iconic Eames house in California, artist Barbara Hepworth’s inspiring studio in England, and Leanne’s own home in the country-ish, including before and after shots.

FEEL FREE magazine will give the reader the rules and the confidence to break them all!

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