Not only can we print your shirts, we can help you sell your entire line of merch. 
From warehousing, to sales (both online and in our brick and mortar retail stores),
to customer service, stock, shipping, marketing, event planning, etc.

we print and ship everything in house and have the infrastructure to help you move your product - so you can focus on building your brand. 
email us: info@cwpress.com




$150 to create a substore on our system at compressmerch.com
only available for individuals that meet our criteria*
limited options and reports

$250 to access your existing and supported ecommerce platform

$4000 (plus the annual Shopify subscription fee)
to create a foundational hosted ecommerce system.
if additonal requirements are needed, pricing will be based on criteria
gathered at an initial meeting to outline specifics.

Picking // Packing for shipment
$3.50 for any item we have printed
$5 for any supplied item
$1.00 minimum for any grandfathered items
20% of sale price for any non garment item under $10
Non standard packing will equal the costs of the packing material.
$25 flat rate for picking specific stock from your inventory
$25 to count returned stock back into inventory
.20 touch fee for adding promotional items to a shipment

Storage per box, shelf, pallet
$5 storage per bin ($60 per year)
a bin can hold all sizes for one design. This is billed annually.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Shirts should be initially stocked with no less than 12 of each size to be offered per design - we suggest 24 of sizes S - XL.

  • You will have an account with the CWP merch ledger to view sales, account balance, and inventory.  You are responsible for monitoring inventory to let us know when to reprint. Reprint cost can be subtracted from your account balance or paid in full.

  • You are responsible for letting us know when you would like your account balance paid out and subtracted from your ledger.  CWP cannot make any payments to customer without a valid W-9 on file

  • Designs that haven’t sold in 6 months or more can be deleted from the store by CWP. Notification to pick up any stock shirts will be sent at this time. Shirts must be picked up within 30 days or will be recycled.

  • Stock is owned by the customer and can be picked up at any time. If you request a small inventory pull, you will be charged a $25 pull/sorting fee.

  • Customer can request store be shut down at any time. 

Additional Information:

  • Customers purchasing through the CWP site are responsible for shipping costs, unless something has been agreed upon otherwise.  We are happy to sort & bulk ship a pre-sale to a single or multiple locations instead of directly to the customer.

  • We can lump in the shipping cost into the cost of the item to reflect FREE SHIPPING, otherwise the customer can decide shipping method.

    *artists, individuals, and small businesses in their initial stages of online representation