Hot Rod Parrot



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this shirt is the soundtrack to your love of summer and sunshine and driving your T-top with the roof off ... maybe cranking zz-top ...maybe getting in a fight because you got all day drunk and thought some guy said some dumb crap to your girlfriend (he didnt) when she jumped off the bridge into the crick where you dug it out so it was deep enough to jump into because you arent allowed back at the dormont pool eversince that one summer where you thought it would be funny to go skinny dipping but it was in the middle of the day and they didnt think it was all that funny ... i mean sure skinny dippin is cool when its midnight out in the middle of nowhere but not at noon on a tuesday at a public pool - you weirdo. 

anyway - this shirt is pretty rad, ready for you to cut off the sleeves and go nuts all summer. its even better if you crop it so you can let your belly get some fresh sunshine too. 

just keep your clothes on this time....especially this shirt. 


This design is retired.

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