Feel Free Magazine Vol 4

Leanne Ford


Leanne Ford’s FEEL FREE magazine shows how creative people live and work, how artists play, and how the reader can do the same. In this “amateur hour” fourth issue, we celebrate all things art, for the love of it! We’ll tour Leanne’s basement ceramics studio (with a studio playlist, of course!), take her quiz on how creative you’re willing to get, and get to know who inspired her dive into pottery (hint: he’s a famous Japanese potter)! You’ll tour rooms based on a black-and-white design wavelength and, on the flipside, learn how to curate your own color monochromatic look with Victoria Smith. Also included are new how-to’s, like how to create your own floral arrangements inspired by artwork (excerpted from Lindsey Taylor’s gorgeous new book), how best to photograph your stunning pieces (a 101 from British ceramicist Elvis Robertson), and other fun ideas to get creativity stirring—straight from the creators’ mouths. Plus, how jazz can inspire so many artists to create from their mistakes! You’ll hear about four artists’ pivots, from textiles and fashion to ceramics, from painting to woodworking, and from advertising to lettering—plus advice on how to launch your own freelance art career. This fourth issue features Leanne and style director Hilary Robertson’s trip to Copenhagen’s 3daysofdesign, as well as a look at two famous Danish artists’ work. Finally, you’ll meet artist Angela Allen and her love of simplicity—and we wouldn’t forget more “free” art that readers can tear out to hang on their walls. 

FEEL FREE magazine curates a space where readers can experience a collaboration of creation. Joyful, elevated, and funky, fun, and undone, FEEL FREE magazine breaks down interior design and artistic processes, and gives them back to the people. 

FEEL FREE magazine will give the reader the rules and the confidence to break them all!

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