CWP Panther




i heard this knock knock joke once, i think Mikey D told it to me ...but it went like this, 

me - Knock Knock 

you - Who's There 

me - Panther

you - Panther who?

me - Panth or no Panth, im goin Thwimmin. 

and then i laughed for ... going on about 7 years now 

thats not what inspired this shirt but i bet if you told this panther that joke, they would love it. i also think they probably already knew you were going to tell the joke, they already knew the punchline, how the world was going to end, and all the other mysteries that life seems to tuck into all her little secret nooks and crannies. 

this shirt includes FREE SHIPPING and is available at our Mt Lebanon store too if you want to absorb some of its energy prior to purchase.

the panther already knows if you're going too buy one or not, so you might as well rest assured that everything is how it should be. 

Printed on USA made Royal Apparel - 100% certified organic ring spun cotton.


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