Monongahela River Poster



The Monongahela River is one of the main reasons that Pittsburgh exists. if you laid down in it, you'd flow north .. and then eventually get all spun around and end up in the gulf of Mexico. Its a cool river, with a cool name, and a cool history. 

Its watched indigenous people use it to navigate the area for centuries, saw George Washington probably peeing off mt Washington, played part in the Homestead Strike, and even watched me (having never driven a boat before) pull Muto in his beat-up boat waterskiiing in front of an oncoming coal barge. it was horrifying but here we are talking about it. 

I like the Mon, I like the Yough better but the Mon is a close second as far as rivers go. 

18x24 on 100# paper. 
this glorious print would look great framed and hanging in your cabin, or your office, or your house, camp, den, bedroom, or anywhere you happen to be at any given time.