Mike Budai - Kids of Today Coloring Book

Mike Budai


Mike Budai is a force of nature ...and we convinced that force of nature to pull together a coloring book full of new material. 

NOT ONLY does this come with 10 new drawings covering the topics of our dangerous childhoods, it also is part of a coloring contest. All you need to do is color the cover and then post a pic of it to instagram or facebook with the hashtag #BUDAIkidsoftoday 

on the 4th of July 2016 we will choose a winner and that winner will get a completely dope, double ultra gigantic STACK of budai posters and prints and whatever else we can find laying around - tshirts, stickers, and what-have-you. so BUY THIS - GET CREATIVE - TAKE SOME PICS and WIN. 

Thank you for supporting local artists and awesome ideas.