updated and onward

June 04, 2013

yep, the site is different. we totally rebuilt our website and launched it to get things rolling. moved the main sellers over and are in the process of moving everything… theres a bunch more to come so if you cant find something you are looking for – contact us – its been a long process and we arent done so im sure theres gaps somewhere. if this is your first time here though, enjoy yourself.

and to our new visitors HEY we are super stoked you found compress merch – the online version of all the killer designs youve wanted to pickup from the actual commonwealth press store but for whatever reason you moved away from pittsburgh and now you cant just stop in to get them.

thanks for visiting and please tell your friends…and come back soon…and if you need your own shirts printed, PLEASE let commonwealth press print them for you.
we are trying to survive here and every ounce of your support is respected and appreciated.