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"You are a tree that grew from a seed I never planted." TKG

On our first tee we've combined the artistic writings of best selling author and poet Tyler Knott Gregson, and the parading redwoods of the Muir Woods National Monument.

Tyler Knott Gregson is a poet, photographer, artist, and author of the nationally bestselling Chasers of the Light, All the Words Are Yours, the soon to be released North Pole Ninjas and the upcoming third book of poetry, Wildly Into The Dark. Muir Woods National Monument was created in 1908 by President Theodore Roosevelt, making it one of the earliest national monuments in the country. It’s only 30 minutes away from San Francisco, but transports you to another time and place. The air there is cold. The trees are silent. Walking among the ancient, towering trees in Redwood Canyon and Cathedral Grove, you might find yourself reconnected to the natural world and to history itself. Most of the old growth redwoods there range between 600-800 years old, with the oldest celebrating a birthday of about 1200 years old — still young by redwood standards. As you hike among these giants, they kindly remind you where you have come from----and all the places you have yet to go.

Tyler Knott Gregson has long given a voice to the many travelers that have tired their hearts. In this tee we marry adventure with lost and bring you a place to call home. We feel that this design represents both Tyler's words and the spirit of Muir Woods. It is wildly symbolic, as there is a clear path behind the tree...and it is huge...almost hopeful. Tyler's words and the beauty of Muir Woods remind us of our story of aliveness.

So grab our first Poetry and Parks Series Tee, made of of a poly/cotton, rayon blend and a perfect combo that creates that cutting look and super-soft worn in feel that you will love to hike in.

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