Because of your letters of support, over 900 signatures on the petition to the city and Allegheny County, the iconic 10th Street Geese will remain - They will be repainted by the original artist Tim Kaulen and continue to be part of our region’s dynamic public art collection and remain on the bridge for ages to come. 

The only catch is that we need to pay for it - and thats exactly what we are going to do ... BUT we thought that since the geese have grown to belong to all of us, maybe you would want to help with some of the costs. In turn for your help, we want to offer you something unique and authentic for being part of the process.  

100% of the proceeds from your contribution in purchasing these very limited run  items will go directly to the restoration of the 10th Street Geese. 

we have gone thru weeks of meetings and have covered all the requirements from the city. We have outlined everything that we need to do. crane rentals, operators, safety equipment, we even planned to piggy back the repainting on the marathon - so that traffic wont be affected any more than needed. 

we are offering the following items and every little bit will help. Once this is over, we will stop selling these - so any time you see any of these in the wild, you will know that this person is directly involved in helping keep this art alive. 

  1. 2 T-SHIRTS - gold with black ink or black with gold ink
    Printed on Bella + Canvas unisex 100% ringspun cotton.

  2. A hand screen printed poster -
    printed by commonwealth press
    of the #3 goose, the artists favorite. 

  3. a Sticker of the #3 goose (the artists favorite).

  4. a 4 pack of stickers featuring all 4 of the geese 

We have also included a donation option - in case you aren't the shirt/poster/sticker type. Regardless of how you choose to support this effort, we thank you in advance for this and for elevating the perception of public art in our gorgeous city. 
Thank you Pittsburgh.